Renato Longato

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  1st Anomalous Object over Machu Picchu Nov-06 09
  2nd. Anomalous Object over Machu Picchu Nov 8-09
  Ademar Gevaerd UFO Brazilian researcher
  An apparent Dinosaur fossil egg from the Mezozoic era
  An Engraved Stone at the Cabrera Museum Peru
  Ancient Astronaut Society Article 1992
  Area 51 at the mailbox
  Area 51
  At Gorund Zero New York 2010
At Jaime Maussan\'s office Mexico City
  At Jaime Maussan's office Mexico City
  At Sequoia National Park
  At the Bay UFO Area Expo 2009
Author & Researcher Ivar Zapp
  Author & Researcher Ivar Zapp
  Bay Area Ufo Conference Sept 09
  Bay Ufo Expo Area 2009 California
  Budd Hopkins
  Carlos Diaz
  Commander Julio Chamorro Peruvian Air Force Research Unit
  Conferences in Sweden Oct 2009
  Coordinating a retreat at Chilca Beach with the Rama Group 1989
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