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UFO’S: Myth or Reality

By Renato Longato

“Myths are evidence of the spiritual potential of human life”

Joseph Campbell

“If it is true that the United States Air Force or its government is hiding very explicit facts (regarding UFO’s), than one can only say that this is the most stupid and least psychological political stance that could be adopted. Nothing aids rumors and panic more than does ignorance”.

Letter from C.G. Jung to Major Donal Keyhoe

UFO TV Show 1970Ever since the decade of the forties when the UFO phenomenon made its way into the international press by way of Kenneth Arnold, much has been written and said; so much so that the topic has become associated with the entertainment media and has thereby been distorted, and commercialized to the extent that it is now reduced to the world of fantasy when in reality, this is a topic that is much more complex and profound. The mere mention of the word extra terrestrial is enough to instantly imply that we are associating ourselves with “martians”, “grey’s”, and “chupacabras”; this is just a sample of the popular appeal of this topic that has now become part of the collective imagination. However, for others, extra terrestrials may well be beings of evil intent who come to subject humanity to their evil purposes and are part of the so called “anti Christ”. And still for others, the extra terrestrials are the bearers of dulcet messages that purport to aid in the creation of a utopia here on earth and at the same time physically transport their followers to a safe haven in case of a global catastrophe; after all, why not? There is still another group who has no interest in the topic whatsoever and categorically denies it. Their classic response is “I’ll believe it when I see it”, or “as long as science cannot prove it, it doesn’t exist”. Finally there exists an increasing and enthusiastic group who believes in the existence of intelligent beings on our planet. This group believes so because of their use of common sense or because they know of someone who has had a sighting or because they themselves have seen a UFO.

Thus each group of humans believes or interprets the UFO phenomenon according to their own perspective. In general, it could be said, that all types of groups exist to explain this phenomenon both on a formal and informal level. And so, a person becomes a member of a group that is representative of his particular way of thinking.

Within the group that believes in the existence of UFO’s, there exist a minority who devotes a great deal of time to investigation and see it for what it is: an authentic phenomenon. These researchers range from those who utilize sophisticated computer programs, all the way to those who collect their information in a less complicated way and focus on verifying eye witness testimony whether it be from videos of photographs. Some of them work independently and others form part of local groups or verifiable international organizations dedicated to this passionate topic.

A Real Phenomenon

Decades have gone by since the report of Kenneth Arnold and still we continue to receive news and testimony regarding the worldwide presence of UFO’s coming from persons of diverse races, creeds countries and social conditions. It can be said that this is a crescent phenomenon that has captured popular thinking due to its constant presence in the media. One must also include the enormous influence of novels, comic strips, and Hollywood productions that have stimulated the imagination of the everyday citizen. Thus it can be said that the public was already primed to read the incredible stories of people like George Adamsky, Daniel Fry, the Hill spouses and others that generated either an enormous curiosity or total skepticism during an era when man was still taking his first steps in the race for space and towards the development of a series of weapons of mass destruction. Nevertheless, this persistent phenomenon has been a constant throughout the years. This in turn, generated, in some persons, principally in the United States, the desire to create organizations dedicated to the study and diffusion of materials dealing with the UFO phenomenon. As incredible as it sounds , a group of persons convinced of the presence of intelligent extra terrestrial beings as something real on our planet, actually did get together to study something that for some did not exist. There is no middle ground here; either these pioneers were convinced of their purpose and on to something or they were wasting their time on fantasy and illusion. One thing is certain, these organizations served as models for the creation of other organizations in different parts of the world.

Investigating the Impossible

Donald KeyhoeIn my opinion, one of the books that marked a milestone in ufology was, without a doubt, the one written by USAF Major Donal Keyhoe in 1973, titled “Aliens From Space”. Keyhoe was a prominent member of the NICAP (National Investigation Committee of Aerial Phenomenon) who would go on to develop an excellent, high level study of UFO phenomenon in the United States. At that time the information was not as restricted nor as manipulated as it is today. In his investigation, Major Keyhoe managed to gain the collaboration and support of the prominent senator and believer in the presence of extra terrestrials, the late Barry Goldwater and also of John W. McCormack, the Speaker of the House at that time. Keyhoe’s investigation was the first to gather a series of well placed testimonials that would be included in the so called three appendixes which briefly read as follows:

Appendix A: “Scientists who refute the testimony of the United States Air Force”
Where a list of twenty five scientists has been gathered ranging from the president of the North American Meteor Society up to the Head of the Department of Education of Drake University.

Appendix B: “Testimony of Members of the Armed Forces of the United States Claiming that UFO Information is Censored”
Members of the armed forces: Air Force, Navy, Marines and an ex director of the CIA, who are against censure and favor the diffusion of information gathered in the investigation regarding the presence of extra terrestrials in our skies.

Appendix C: Archive of Testimony
This includes 12,000 reports from the NICAP among which are found those of the Air Force, Naval observers, Marine Corp. witnesses, Army observers, scientists, and engineers, and finally, airline pilots.

All of these persons (a select group gathered in Major Keyhoe’s book) have one opinion in common: There is definite censorship when it comes to asserting the reality of the extra terrestrial presence. Here I must interject, that it is one thing to censor and another, quite apart, to enter into denial. Especially, when on the contrary, all indications point to elements that invite us to reflect on the existence of an intelligent and more highly developed life than ours within the cosmos. Major Keyhoe accomplished a rigorous and impeccable task in orienting public opinion. For this he merits recognition as he continues his quest for answers to a phenomenon which continues to be present in our skies.

UFO’s as Socio-Cultural Phenomenon

This same extraterrestrial presence has led to the creation of a series of both formal and informal groups who, in general, investigate and search for answers. Due to this, a large segment of society has been captivated by this phenomenon and spends much of its free time trying to learn more about this topic through various methods. So it follows that, over the years, a media based industry has been generated particularly supported by the communications media. One must remember that only a few years ago literature on this phenomenon was scarce and conferences which focused on intelligent life outside of the solar system were even more scarce.

Similarly, society is immersed in a techno-digital era in which games like Nintendo and Playstation have almost become a staple within the home, consequently rendering voluminous profit to the manufacturers. In the same manner, just as any other consumable product, the UFO phenomenon holds a sector of the population captive. Four elements which form the major part of almost any human activity are responsible for this and these are:

Culture: The UfO phenomenon is now accepted and occupies a space in our society within a space which is called sub cultural or marginal. It is here that can be seen the influence of the communications media made visible through groups dedicated to its investigation and/or belief. Persons such as “ufologists”, “contactees”, “groups of contact”, conferences, seminars, “sky watch groups”, begin to form part of the lexicon of persons attracted to this field.

Commerce: as a means of promoting a product or activity within society. Today it is easier to find videos, DVD’s, CDRom’s and books as regards the UFO phenomenon, since these have become numerous due to the proliferation of themes suited to every taste and purse string.

Technology: as an extension of science has advanced prodigiously in the production of “breakthrough” items now accessible to the public and to military organizations. This advance in technology has made possible items such as infrared and ultra violet cameras, and digital video and photographic cameras that allow the recording of UFO images which could not be seen with the naked eye. This singular leap in technology and the fact that it is individually affordable has turned it into an important tool for anyone interested in investigating this phenomenon.

Science: If technology is an extension of science, the many scientific disciplines and their respective representatives do not all comprise one monolithic group organization. Currently, only a few of their representatives are willing to make “off the record” comments regarding their own views as to the reality of the presence of intelligent life in the cosmos. There is one thing I would like to make clear. Scientists hold a complex and compromised position for several reasons, which include ethical principles, economic stability, and personal, political, or military affiliation. Standing on his own, a scientist cannot get where he wants to go, even when he has witnessed a sighting and risks compromising his professional stance. But a united group of scientists gathered for the purpose of establishing the possibility of intelligent, extra terrestrial life may do so. But for this, it is necessary to have a huge budget under the auspices of an international organization or under the accord of a group of countries. And so one finds a situation where the attempt to investigate a phenomenon that escapes the present level of technology is rendered incapable of presenting an answer that can be verified and replicated in a laboratory in an irrefutable and unequivocal manner. The scientific method, as it stands today, is incapable of Interpreting and verifying the UFO phenomenon until it incorporates new paradigms.

Flight STS75 and Plasma Propulsion

The flight of space shuttle STS75 which remained in space during the period of February 22 to March 9, 1996 included among its crew members the seasoned Costa Rican astronaut and scientist, Franklin Chang Diaz, Ph.d. Part of his mission was to carry out combustion experiments. Chang-Diaz observed something incredible while he was inspecting outer space through ultra-violet vision instruments. Through these ultra-violet instruments, he could see disc shaped, plasma propulsion type objects entering earth’s atmosphere. Chang-Diaz was overwhelmed by what he saw and as soon as he arrived back on earth, he became dedicated to plasma propulsion research in the Johnson Space Center laboratory in Texas. This initial project which took place in Texas was the forerunner to the creation of an ambitious scientific-industrial complex which ended up being built in the zone of Guanacaste, located in his native country of Costa Rica. It became the first laboratory on plasma propulsion research in the world and became functional in July of 2006.

The plasma propulsion research signified a revolutionary leap for space science, which would allow a trip to Mars to take place in only 39 hours as opposed to two years using present technology. Consequently, within two years Costa Rica will become a leader in the field of space thanks to the opportune vision of Chang-Diaz. Here, I wish to emphasize an important point. The activity of this Costa Rican scientist has been fruitful due to the fact that he did not limit himself by standing on the premise that “extra terrestrials don’t exist”. Another person of influence who gave his support during this first phase was the researcher Ing John Schussler, who was a contributor in the construction of Chang-Diaz’s first laboratory in Texas. Ing Schussler is no ordinary person. He was a high ranking executive with NASA and an official of Boeng Corporation and possesses wide ranging and well recognized expertise in his field. The coincidence in all of this-if there is such a thing as coincidence- is that Schussler upon retiring from his profession became the current director of international relations of MUFON! This means that now that he is free of his contractual ties and protocol, Schussler can dedicate all of his free time to that in which he has always believed; the extra terrestrial presence.
This turnabout of Ing Schussler is so marked that one is tacitly inclined to believe that there exists full knowledge of the extra terrestrial presence within the upper echelons of aeronautical corporations. In respect to the plasma propulsion laboratory directed by Chang-Diaz, the Guanacaste area will see its first trial run in the year 2010. Curiously enough, the area of Guanacaste, according to the Costa Rican investigators Alexis Astua, Oscar Sierra and Massimo Novello is a highly magnetic and telluric area and one that regularly experiences the presence of UfO’s.

Project Disclosure

Dr. Steven GreerDr. Steven Greer was the one who in 1990 created CSETI (Center for Studies of Extra terrestrial Intelligence). This association seized the initiative in programming contacts with extra terrestrial beings. Greer as a youth had some mystical experiences and some type of close encounter with the UFO phenomenon. For this reason, at a given time, he immersed himself in the study and practice of meditation and eastern philosophy. CSETI states that meditation and focusing are key elements in order for a group to be able to establish direct contact with non human intelligences. In time, according to Greer, a series of groups were formed on an international level that managed to have basic interaction with extra terrestrials.

Greer is also well known for his efforts in procuring an “opening” from the North American government which became “Project Disclosure”. During Bill Clinton’s first term, Greer through his contacts in high government circles, was able to send classified documents with prominent information containing an entire list of high ranking government officials and executives bearing on the extra terrestrial phenomenon. In his estimation, there exist two types of persons related to the presence of the extra terrestrial phenomenon within the corporate-political system: those who should know (as is the president, the senate intelligence committee, and the director of the CIA), and those who do know and belong to an elite group within the government and who possess unlimited access to this information from within covert operations.

In 1997, Project Disclosure managed to send a series of classified documents to various members of congress. These had to do with the necessity of educating upper level government officials who held key positions on the best utilization of military intelligence and technology in order that they should know more about the extra terrestrial phenomenon. Thus, they could take the first step towards coordinating a contact with these non human intelligences. Finally at the end of the decade of the nineties, Steven Greer arranged and coordinated a meeting with a select group of persons which included Butros Ghali who was the wife of the Secretary of ONU, philanthropist and magnate Lawrence Rockefeller, the Director of the CIA, William Colby, and the Armed Forces Chief of Intelligence Admiral Stubblebine. Undeniably, Steven Greer gathered and informed a group of top gun Armed Forces and political figures and presented them with the option of acknowledging the extra terrestrial presence. This was a very important step for the field of ufology on the part of Project Disclosure. To my knowledge the meeting was held in the anteroom of the National Press Club prior to the UFO Coverup Conference which took place there on May 9, 2001. Here, gathered for the first time were distinguished military and professional persons who were now retired and who had come to willingly give sworn testimony before congress on the extra terrestrial phenomenon and on the necessity for a political stance of openness—known to some as Exo-politics. This would obligate the numerous governmental agencies to divulge their information on this delicate topic. This conference also provided an opportunity for presenters to comment on the need to search for new political solutions to reduce the arms race, find alternative forms of energy, and begin orienting the public on the presence of benevolent extra terrestrial societies that come to visit us.

Unfortunately, in spite of all of their coordination and efforts, the organizers did not have the backing of the communications media who only gave them a very few minutes of coverage and commentary. This reflects the imperious and powerful agenda had by some in the corporate-political sector since the decade of the seventies, who want the topic of the extra terrestrial presence hidden under the table. This in-your-face maneuver perpetrated on the public, is nothing more than a campaign of disinformation, manipulation, and attempt to ridicule an inherent reality within the cosmic order in which we live.

Had there been a gradual opening starting in the decade of the fifties, it would have changed the current international political reality which now finds itself dangerously poised on the brink of the strategic control of oil resources.

If one of the international entities had sidled on the side of a coherent and peaceful opening up of this topic, it would have been the precursor for the transformation of an ethnocentric reality towards a planetary vision of our reality. Just the information alone presented during the conference of Project Disclosure/UFO Coverup, was sufficient to peak the interest of the press and to begin to make the necessary contacts to gain the interest of institutions. Nevertheless, the positive side of the balance sheet is the knowing that there are persons capable of coming forward and giving testimony thereby setting an example of the obligation which is incumbent upon all of us in the face of a complex reality.

Interaction with Non Human Intelligence

UFO's, socio-cultural phenomenonOn the one hand, it is necessary to analyze the efforts of Major Donald Keyhoe and Steven Greer who are no longer in public view without on the other hand casting aside Dr. Lambremont Webre and Stephen Basset. These two are promoters of the Exo-political stance as a lobby against the negative effects of a space arms race and the promulgation of laws that support an official investigation of the extra terrestrial phenomenon. However, in view of the current reality, I see no fertile ground for such proposals. I refer here to the fact that a change is needed in the way in which this problem is being addressed. As I said in the beginning, I see the extra terrestrial presence as one reality that is merging into our reality.

To my understanding it is the socio-cultural phenomenon of the new millennium and is becoming rooted in the popular culture. Throughout history change is always birthed within the “pop-culture”. It is from the “bottom up” where social dynamics flourish. That is why an objective validation of the UFO phenomenon should come from the collective involvement of a group of persons who are genuinely interested in gaining a gradual understanding. By objective validation, I mean a method such as the concerted filming of a UFO sighting; not a fortuitous filming. This collective effort should be initiated with the goal of transcending the phenomenon itself which seems to always run along the edges of the subjective aspect of the extra terrestrial presence.

Towards that end, a group of humans grounded in focusing and meditation, should attempt to have a basic, interactive encounter with extra terrestrial intelligences as a means of validating their experience within their very limited human parameters.

A group of persons can be genuinely committed to understanding the whys and wherefores of why they are going to that open field, bypassing natural curiosity as a reason. Furthermore, this action needs to be a coordinated, harmonious action among all members of the group free of individual conflicts, and holding in mind the collective desire of initiating sober communication with extra terrestrial intelligences. In this way the possibility exists of bringing this communication to fruition; a possibility which entails a coherent and responsible experience with intelligent beings from a superior civilization; responsible and coherent being key words. The myth that there are only “chosen ones” for this task needs to be discarded. A group of persons with a sense of mission can have results in fulfilling an interactive intent with ET’s, or in any other field they so choose.

For more information on a collective experience of basic interaction which recently occurred in Costa Rica, visit the following link: An Incredible Experience and remember that the ET presence is the socio-cultural phenomenon of the new millennium.

Renato Longato