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Peruvian Air Force and UFO Phenomenon

Maussan TVAn Account of a Historical Event

Following several telephone conversations from August to November of 2005, with the well known Mexican Investigative Journalist, Jaime Maussan, we finally agreed on his visit to Lima, Peru. I proposed that Jaime give a private lecture on UFO’s to the FAP-Peruvian Air Force- at the Air Force School of War located in La Molina. This event set a historical precedent among other institutions in Latin America. One of the major supporters of this initiative was Commander® FAP Julio Chamorro, current Director of the OIFAA (Office for the Investigation of Aerial Phenomena). Cmdr Chamorro is in charge of collecting reports from officers who have identified “unidentified objects” in the Peruvian national air space.

Keep in mind that the Peruvian Air Force, like other military institutions, has orders to protect Peru’s airspace. Since Peru has a strategic location facing the Pacific Ocean on the west and five other South American borders to the east, its geopolitical position is relevant. There are several reports regarding the presence of anomalous flying objects inside national air space. It is the role of the air force to find out where are they coming from. With the creation of the OIFAA the Peruvian Air Force is in the similar position as the French, Brazilian and Mexican counterparts; tacit acceptance that anomalous aerial phenomena area synonymous of an intelligent designed craft of extraterrestrial origin.

Jaime Maussan and Renato LongatoThis is not an isolated case! Due to the nature of extraterrestrial presence on earth, sooner or later, more countries will face the same challenge; the decision to go public about real phenomena in this millennium. To have a better idea I have chosen some of the most spectacular reports of UFO encounters from Mexican and Peruvian air force pilots, one involves a former Peruvian President.

The Flight of Mexican Squadron 501

On March 5th 2004, squadron 501 of the Mexican Air Force was on duty flying 8,200 feet above sea level over the Campeche area to check for potential drug smugglers. The crew was flying in a Merlin C26A plane equipped with a Flir Star Zapphir camera and a AN/PS 143 Bravo Victor 3 Radar. The Flir is a camera with an infrared optic device for observation capable of reaching a target up to 80 miles away. It was around 5PM when Captain Magdaleno Castanon, Lieutenant Mario Adrian Vasquez and crew witnessed eleven UFO’s flying parallel to them. The UFO’s were photographed by the Flir camera; in other words they are invisible to the human eye.

This spectacular case was reported to the highest official level in the Mexican Air Force M.A.F. The video was analyzed and the crew was interviewed as well. A month later, on the 20th April the Secretary of General Defense of Mexico, Mr. Ricardo Vega Garcia, secretly contacted Jaime Maussan to officially give him the video under the condition it be released to the media. Mr Vega Garcia also stated that: “UFO’s are not a threat to the national security”. On the 11th of April of 2004, Jaime Maussan invited the media to a press conference where he introduced to the international public the now famous video. In my opinion this was one of the credentials that supported Maussan’s presentation in the School of War of the Peruvian Air Force. Since the UFO phenomena is based on different interpretations, there was a theory claiming that the objects caught by the Squadron 501 Flir camera were not UFO’s, instead they were oil wells located on the sea. Well, according to the reports the oil wells not remotely in the range of the Flir camera. The camera was set up in a horizontal position not in a vertical one. This is the most important reason why the crew was able to record the images. The UFO’s were flying in parallel to the plane, to their surprise!

I also would like to comment that in the conference given by Maussan were several officers who did not disagree with what they saw on the screen. For them, there was not a single question of a technical malfunction. Commander ® Julio Chamorro was the one who asked Maussan to repeat that scene during the conference to watch the video carefully. It is necessary to remark that Commander Chamorro has been involved with special operations with the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency)in the Amazon basin and the use of the Flir camera was a necessary to his missions. Personally I believe that the Mexican Air Force cannot mislead the public and discredit their own officers.

Peruvian Air Force Cases:

Case#1 Commander® Julio Chamorro at Chulillo Base

October 1982, on the border of Peru, Bolivia and Chile, at the Chulillo Base at 11,500 feet of altitude, a strange object was observed. Chamorro states: “…it was one o’clock in the morning when the guard called me to come outside to see something weird. It was a huge light with a cylinder contour that remained floating for ten minutes. All military crew saw that luminous object…”

Case #2 Former President Alberto Fujimori and FAP Crew

Alberto FujimoriThis is a real story, kept secret because it involved former President Alberto Fujimori and group of officers who witnessed an incredible UFO sighting of extraordinary dimensions at Charo Lake. The lake is a twenty minute flight from Iquitos, located in the Peruvian Amazon. At this time it was well known, by the Peruvian press, that Fujimori enjoyed quiet times, fishing in different areas of the Amazon.

“…It was December 7 of 1991, when Captain Eduardo Rodriguez Zevallos departed from the base GRU42, flying a sea plane DHC-6#304 towards lake Charo where he and his crew, Colonel Barry Power and Captain Martin Mejia touched down on the water of the serene and exotic rainforest that surrounded the lake. It was a clear night in the camp. We were engaged in a quiet conversation when around 9:00 pm we saw a powerful light, like a laser, getting closer to us. It was coming in an extraordinary speed from south to north. Suddenly all of us (including President Fujimori) saw a huge craft that flew over the lake Charo at 300 meters of altitude. All of us were able to see the craft, it was like the one you see in the movies, with a metallic brilliant color, it was huge and practically was over our heads…” Those are the comments of the now Colonel Eduardo Rodriguez. According to other sources, President Fujimori saw the UFO and was speechless and clueless for a while. After the UFO sighting, Fujimori gave orders to the entire crew, not to talk about this incident and not to ask him to talk about it.

This incident happened during his first term as president and before the radical economical reforms that Fujimori’s government applied in the first month of 1991. To mention this incident to the press would have created a major obstacle capitalized on by his political opponents. One thing remains sure, in my opinion, the UFO came to that remote lake in the middle of the jungle with a purpose, to be seen by the President.

Case#3 Lieutenant Santa Maria: Proceed to Shot Down that Object!

This is a well known case among the Peruvian air force members. The incident happened at La Joya air base on April 11 of 1980 at around 7:15 a.m. There were 1800 members of the air force preparing for formation as they do every morning. In that moment the radar operators detected the presence of a UFO located at the very end of a four kilometer landing strip. At that moment all the members of La Joya air base were able to see a shining object at 600 meter of altitude reflecting the sun rays, glowing in the blue sky like a giant drop of mercury.

The central command in charge of the base gave orders to one pilot to intercept and shoot down the object. The now retired Commander Oscar Santa Maria was on duty that day. He jumped onboard his SU-22 ( known as Shukoy) in hot pursue of the target.This is Santa Maria’s account of that day: “…The object started to ascend taking a northeast direction and immediately I proceeded to connect the jet post combustion system and try to obtain the parameters for a new round of gunshots. During the persecution, I kept a speed of 950 km/h and the “balloon” stayed in my direction at 500 meters of distance in a constant ascending trajectory. I was reporting to the control tower: I am at 3,000 meters. of altitude, 20 km of distance…I am a 6,000 mts of altitude 40 km of distance and I would have reached 11,000 mts of altitude while flying over Camana city, located at 84 km from La Joya, base but suddenly the “balloon” stop right there and I just passed by and managed to ascend until 14,000 mts to set up the target again but the “balloon” moved away and started to ascend in a vertical flight…”

Comandante FAP (r) Julio C. ChamorroThis incredible testimony continues as Lt. Santa Maria tried for a second time to fulfill his superior’s order. “…I am flying at 14,000 mts of altitude and trying to set up the machine guns but my SU-22 is losing performance due to the altitude even though I extended the wings in 30o, flaps and slats with the post-combustion on. I decided to fly towards Mollendo city in a supersonic speed and reached 1.6 mach (1,850 km/h ) I moved my jet towards the “balloon” located at 14,000 mts of altitude (where I left the balloon) I found out that it was ascending in a vertical position. My efforts were worthless…”

Behind The Scenes: The Private UFO Lecture at Lima’s Air Force School Of War

In the beginning, it was not my idea to coordinate the private conference at the Peruvian Air Force School of War. Au contraire my initial project was to coordinate an international conference in Lima, including the Air Force and top level international speakers on abduction experience. It was through Commander Chamorro that I met Colonel Ramon Gamarra, Director of the DINAE ( National Director of Aero Space Affairs) and Eng. Hernan Rivas, with whom I had initial conversations about the project. One of the issues we faced was to avoid the word UFO. The main reason was not to associate the institution with hard core believers and other groups that are discounted when handling the extraterrestrial subject. Colonel Gamarra gave me credentials as an OIFAA representative to make contacts in the “northern area.” This included the USA, as well as Mexico and Canada. With the help of my dear friend Anne Ramsey Cuvelier, we selected a well seasoned group of potential speakers. Ana Luisa Cid and Jaime Maussan from Mexico, pioneer abduction researcher and New York Times best selling author, Budd Hopkins, my buddy Jim, “Jimmy Jet,” Courant a civil airline pilot and international speaker (Jim has appeared several times at the International UFO conference in Nevada and at the XPAC Conference organized by S.Bassett) and also invited was Jim Weiner, a person with respected credentials in the UFO community. Jim Weiner was involved in one of the most spectacular abduction cases known to date, the famous “Allagash Incident” that still baffles researchers today.

Maussan Peruvian at Air Force Shcool of WarLamentably a series of obstacles forced us to cancel this project. Sincerely, after all that effort I felt frustrated. However it was Ana Luisa Cid who encouraged me to try a different approach. She mentioned that Jaime Maussan really wanted to go to Lima and at least have the opportunity to talk to Peruvian Air Force officers. After giving some thought to the idea, kept in contact with Jaime Maussan. When I was absolutely sure that we agreed on a tentative date for the conference, I decided to contact Commander Chamorro and Dr. Fernando Fuenzalida, a well known intellectual, anthropologist and an honorary member of the OIFAA. Both agreed with the project and gave me ideas to make this historical event a reality.

It was not easy to keep in touch with Maussan, I really had to apply a more flexible attitude and patience due to his busy agenda. For a moment I really believed that it would have been easier to have a UFO sighting than be able to talk to Maussan! Once he accepted the date and confirmed his presence in Lima we decided to make a guest list. One thing for sure, the Peruvian Air Force was able to offer the School of War installations for the private meeting but with one condition: no media coverage.

I decided to travel to Lima City one day in advance to coordinate, with the help of some friends, the transportation and hotel accommodations for the guest speaker. Something unexpected happen on my way to the airport, a car accident, slowed down the traffic for a couple of miles on a Friday afternoon and I arrived late. I ran to the counter where a courteous Delta employee told me that I would not be able to make it through the security checkpoint and the terminal. Back home I called my friends in Lima telling them my new schedule. Also tried to contact Jaime Maussan but he was somewhere else in Mexico with his investigators team. I didn’t have any idea if Maussan may have had a last minute emergency or changed his plans. The next day, I ended up arriving in Lima one hour before Maussan’s flight. I was relieved seeing him clearing the customs section.

Conference Main Objectives

Maussan & Comandante (r) Julio ChamorroI was aware that it was a difficult task to get together a diverse group of civilians and officers around a subject like this. But the response was positive and it shows without a doubt that there is a broad attitude regarding the extraterrestrial issue. On the other hand the information presented by Maussan will be a way to orient the attendees about a worldwide phenomena that is increasing due to the dedication of common people that are becoming researchers in their own right.

The main objectives for the conference were as follows:

1.-Make a first official approach to the Peruvian Air Force.
2.-Socio-Cultural implications of the UFO phenomena in this decade.
3.-Take advantage of the cultural similarities between Mexico and Peru.

On December 11th 2005 at 11 a.m. a selected group of guests arrived at the School of War of the Peruvian Air Force located in Rinconada del Lago. Here is a brief list of the attendees to this historical event:

General FAP Pedro Avila y Tello
School of War Director.

Commander® Julio C.Chamorro
OIFAA Director

Dr. Fernando Fuenzalida Vollmar
Anthropologist, Senior Political Consultant, College Professor, former Director of CAEN – National Center of High Studies-.

Mr. Pedro Valdivia Maldonado
INICTEL National Institute of Telecommunications Director.

Ing. Freddy Nunez
Lima Civil Aeronautical Director

Ing. Barthelemy Dan’s Alleman
Peruvian Institute of Astronomy Director

Mr. Augusto Urzubiaga
Air Force Ministry Attaché

Mr. Ernesto Ballon
Lux Nova Assoc. President

Also among the attendees present were Commander® Carlos Santa Maria and Dr. Anthony Choy. During the conference there were several moments when the audience was mesmerized by the images shown by Maussan, especially the ones qualified as an organic craft due to their flexible and articulated movements. Another memorable moment was the relation between UFO sightings and natural disasters. This was an eye opening moment too, when all of us realized the global magnitude and loss of life produced by the effects of global warming. Maussan’s presentation was followed by a warm applause from all of us. I want to thanks Mrs. Ana Luisa Cid for her ideas and support along the way also to Cmdr. Julio Chamorro, Dr.Fernando Fuenzalida and specially Jaime Maussan for his valuable time and effort but I need to say that he paid his plane tickets to come to the private conference to Lima City. Finally I feel positive about the outcome of this historical event. Also that UFO’s are truly a socio-cultural phenomena where civilians, military and politicians need to address this subject in a coherent way because were are not the only intelligent beings in this vast universe.

Renato Longato