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Some Thoughts About the UFO Phenomenon

Gordon CooperThe UFO phenomenon is shrouded in great mystery. There are many issues that even scholars cannot explain. But, if we consider the messages the extraterrestrials have given to several people and the research into this subject, we will find a warning to humanity. According to these messages, there is a potential crisis of epic proportions and severe consequences for the human race.

It seems that the ET’s have had a close relationship with the human race since the remote times and are monitoring our planet as “cosmic anthropologists.” The extraterrestrials use different methods to approach and communicate to open-minded people who are willing to take the risk of making contact with them. And the ET’s presence, more evident in the last decades, is triggering a slow but steady change in new generations of increasingly more open-minded people who are willing to examine the roots of their belief systems. The constant sightings of UFO’s that have taken place in Mexico and Costa Rica are without precedent, and with the arrival

of the internet and digital cameras, common people are spreading information more than ever. In my opinion, the UFO presence is reorienting our perception of reality toward life in the universe. We are not alone.

The years ahead will be both interesting and challenging times, full of many changes. The most powerful country in the world has a hegemonic agenda on its way, playing wild cards of its own. There is a crisis of civilizations, and echoes of an Armageddon conflict may become a reality. In light of this, our concepts of progress and religion need to be carefully reviewed. The preservation of the biosphere is a must. And, other central issues, such as new archaeological discoveries that are going to affect our societies worldwide, need to be addressed. But the most important, essential, and powerful change must take place within us.A shift of consciousness is absolutely necessary to overcome the crisis of postmodern society. We have to rescue the spiritual and cultural values in order to achieve a resolution to the mega problems that are severely affecting the world today.

Men with helmet, Vicus Culture, Peru - PromperuI assume that there is a high level of cosmic organization beyond our comprehension and that the agenda of the extraterrestrial organization is the preservation of life throughout the universe. These extraterrestrial societies are not going to come to earth to solve our problems and create a new age utopia. Instead, it seems they have a well-planned program to avoid a dangerous clash of civilizations, which would unavoidably result from a direct encounter between an advanced society and a developing one, like ours.

The purpose of my sharing this story is not to convince anyone that extraterrestrials exist but to cause the reader to think about the possibility that we, as humans, are not alone in the universe. Ultimately, the most important thing in life is to find who we are, where we are going, and what kind of world we are leaving to future generations. After all these years, my initial experiences with UFO’s continue to shape my whole point of view and even my future. The late Dr. John E. Mack Ph.D. once called me, “an experiencer.” To this day, I identify myself with that term because, in the end, this is a never-ending process, a spiritual adventure toward the possibility of a better world with Love, Objectivity, Compassion, and Dignity.