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My UFO Experiences: How Everything Started

Renato and Jose Silva, Peru, Nov. 1979I was born and raised in LimaCity, the capital of Peru. We lived near a suburban area in the countryside and were very isolated. I was seventeen years old and was at home by myself watching a boxing match on TV. It was the last Friday of March, the day I was first introduced to UFOs. The boxing match was an excellent one, and I was very interested. But suddenly, the images on the screen blurred and there was much interference. I started to get mad and hurriedly tried to fix the problem so I could finish watching the fight. Unfortunately, all my efforts were worthless. Frustrated, I went downstairs to check the power, thinking that the problem could have been caused by a power failure. However, when I got downstairs, I immediately saw that the power was fine; and, upon returning upstairs, I saw the new TV was still experiencing interference.

Though I do not know why, I had an urge to go to the bedroom, open the window, and look around. I first looked out a window facing north. The night was clear with only a few clouds dotting the sky. The stars were shining, and in the distance rose the peaks of the mountains, the beginning of the Andes. Everything was calm and beautiful. But, when I turned to look out a window facing south, at a distance I could see two red lights in the sky. My first thought was, “It’s a plane.” However, in a matter of seconds, both red lights drew closer and closer to my home until they were only a hundred meters from my house and were twice as big as traffic lights. It was then that I realized that they did not make any sound at all.

The lights were floating, suspended in the air. My senses told me that something was wrong, and I felt both excited and nervous. While I was trying to process what was happening and how I felt, the light stopped for a moment, hovering in the air before me. Then, the light on the right started to move slowly toward the Andes. As it moved soundlessly, flashes of orange, green, and white lights shone from beneath the object. To my surprise, it paused for a moment, turned a forty-five degree angle, and disappeared into the sky so quickly that I almost forgot about the other object still hovering in front of my house.

The other object repeated the same operation, with colors revolving from beneath it. Then, it shot vertically into the sky to become part of the stars. At the same time, all the street lights in the neighborhood went out. The only light still on was in the corner of my house. As I tried to make sense of what had just happened, I was interrupted by voices. The voices were coming from the TV, which was working perfectly, once again. The episode was over.

Later that day, I told everyone in my family what had happened while they were gone, but nobody believed me. That was my first lesson in being a witness to something extraordinary. It was fascinating, but also frustrating; terrifying, yet utterly thrilling.

One month later, it happened again. This time I was with my brother Gino. It was the second week of April. We were in his truck, driving home together at night, when suddenly a red light appeared on the road. It was several feet away, and at first, we thought it was merely a car driving in reverse. However, we were proven wrong when our car engine stopped and the UFO shot a blinding light toward us, a light that filled the inside of the car for a fraction of a second. Terrified, my brother tried to start the engine. He turned the key in the ignition several times, but nothing happened. Then, the UFO changed its course and flew at an angle into the sky.

With Travis WaltonMy life as a teenager was normal, listening to the radio, going to the movies and parties, and playing soccer. I never heard or read about UFO’s, but still my experiences with them continued. At the end of May, my youngest brother Bruno was playing in the garden. He called my mother and me, and at that exact moment, the power in the house went out. In the backyard we saw a lenticular shining object. I hugged my mother and brother close to me as chills ran down my back; I felt I was seeing someone inside the object, someone I had known before. My heart was immediately filled with the feeling of friendship rather than the feeling of excitement, and my head felt a smooth vibration, like a sort of energy, flow through it.

For several nights after that, I stared at the sky, studying the stars before going to bed. After that event, I had a strange dream in which a female, who exuded beauty, grace, and authority, told me to use my mind. Following the message in the dream, I enrolled in a local college in Lima to study Silva Mind Control with Ana Luisa Brugue and later with Jose Silva himself.