Renato Longato

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Encounter in The Andes

On Friday, March 3, 1985, around 1:30 P.M., during an excursion in the Andes on the east side of Lima, I had my first encounter with a non-human being. I was alone, walking in a public park at Sol y Campo, when I noticed that the atmosphere became different. The sound of the birds and the wind stopped; it seemed as if I were inside a big bubble. A few feet in front of me a homogeneous light appeared. It transformed into the shape of a body and then into a human being look-alike. I was intrigued and terrified. I wanted to escape, to run somewhere, but my curiosity was strong enough to make me stay. I stood there, petrified, watching a six foot tall athletic male with delicate gray hair, strong cheeks, and hypnotic eyes. He inspired harmony and respect in his bright mono, or uniform, that went all the way from his neck to his toes. My whole mood changed from one of confusion to one of calmness, and I clearly heard inside my head, “We were watching you. Continue what you are doing. We’ll see you again.”

It is hard for me to describe the emotions I felt. The extraterrestrial projection disappeared and everything went back to normal. I raised my eyes to the sky and saw a brilliant object flying through the mountains. Knowing from my previous experiences that UFO matters are hard for others to accept, I decided to keep silent, telling of my encounter to only a few people.