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Ana Luisa Cid: Witness of a New Reality

UFO in Teotihuacan 04 15 06The plane was ready to land in Mexico City one of the most populated cities in the world. Finally in Mexico I said to myself while looking through the window. In the airport I was welcome by Ana Luisa Cid , her husband Gerardo and their children. Ana Luisa looks fragile but with an intense look in her eyes that shows her bright mind. She welcomes me with a warm hug that seemed to me like an encounter with a longtime friend. After several emails and long telephone conversations “something” told me to that I needed to meet Ana Luisa . Time pass by and I confirmed that my intuitions were right because without having any idea, during our meetings Ana Luisa revealed to me information I never expected to hear about. I stayed in Mexico City form the April 13 till the 21 where I had the opportunity to meet one of the top UFO researchers in Latin America.

I have to mention that during my visit , Journalist Investigator Jaime Maussan found out by Ana Luisa of my presence and was very kind to invite me to his TV program “Third Millenium Enigma” to talked about the private conference I coordinate on December 11th of 2005 for Mr. Maussan in Peru held at the Air School of War Institute in Lima City. Besides this presentation Ana Luisa invited me to the popular talk show “Viva la Manana” in Televisa hosted by Lili Brillanti and Alfredo Adame and to Radio 13 hosted by Yohanan Diaz Vargas. I did not give any lecture while in Mexico. I was on my way to Costa Rica where I made a short expedition to see the famous stone spheres and gave two lectures and TV presentations as well.

UFO’s Are Not Real.-

UFO - ZoomThis may sound weird, but Ana Luisa did not believe in UFO’s , until one day she was with her husband Gerardo driving back home after a family gathering outside Mexico city. Ana Luisa’s brother Enrique was following them behind their car. This first UFO sighting was so close that made both cars stopped to see what was that strange metallic object flying above of them. This first event happened during passover in April of 1997. But destiny had one more surprise to Ana Luisa with an another second sighting.

According to Ana this second encounter happened less than 24 hours from the first one. This second time was different the UFO practically followed their car again while driving towards her bother’s house. Ana Luisa was telling me those electrifying moments with her eyes wide open. “…The UFO followed our car until we got to my brother’s house, my sister in law had time to called some neighbors to see it…”. A week later Ana Luisa had a third sighting in front of her house. Since then, her husband and their children were connected to the UFO phenomena.

ET Interaction and Digital Contact.-

After those incredible experiences Ana Luisa joined the famous group the Vigilantes –skywatchers- Here starts a new chapter in her life as she began to take photographs and UFO videos and several sightings. One of them in particular is spectacular beyond comparison. This is the so called “stingray” because of its strange design (it has a sort of black blanket attached to the craft) and a bizarre flying behavior. In the video appears to be close to a bio-mechanic sort of flying craft that expelled another object that flew around it independently. About this sighting Ana Luisa told me that she couldn’t sleep for two days. These videos among others were caught my attention about her research. Also was the continuity of the UFO’S she was able to caught on tape almost all of them from her house. In other words she does not have to leave and find a nice spot and wait to the extraterrestrials to appear, she “feels when they are in the perimeter”. In this complex and fascinating field you can see or believe many things but when there is a constant, we are entering to a different area, that I called “interaction”. This means a coordinated action on behalf of extraterrestrial intelligences that can appear in the right moment ( that is why they can control space and time) to see and be seen as in Ana Luisa’s case.

When someone is continuously taking videos and digital photos of UFO’s is not a casual or lucky moment it’s a real digital contact, where synchronicity (1) is in hand with the experiencer(2). It is the same technology that can tell us if the object on film is for real or fake. According to the explanation given above and based on my own experience, these interactions are always followed by experiences that coaxes us –in a rude or supraverbal way- to examine the reality of it. I consider that it is a must to try to examine the UFO phenomena from an integral perspective in an objective/subjective way .Where in the last one lies our concepts and believes.

In Radio 13 with Ana Luisa Cid and Yohanan Diaz VargasIn Ana Luisa’s case she has had both kind of experiences (objective and subjective).In one opportunity the extraterrestrial were able to “control the environment”. According to Ana Luisa in this experience were involved two minors around and happened five years ago .Accroding to her account one particular day she was trying to film a UFO hovering near her house when one the children got so nervous and wanted to leave . In that instant a compact homogeneous light was projected to them. It took by surprise all of them and was followed by an aromatic scent and everybody went back to normal. While in Mexico I was able to talked with all the people involved and the only one who forgot the day and the time when happened was Ana Luisa herself . This is lack of memory may be linked to missing time that several people experience when they are near a UFO.

This type of experiences is related to what the distinguished investigator Jacques Valle (3) describes as necessary a “…second level of phenomenon interpretation, where there must be considered the UFO’s capacity to manipulate the physical environment and the witnesses psychic state…”.Under Valle’s basis is understandable why Ana Luisa has accomplished filming most of her videos from her house. Now I give myself freedom to give two possible explanations:
1.-This is possible only when the extraterrestrials control the contact.
2.-When there is an induction of a previous a psychic connection with the experiencer.

Similarities and Revelations.-

Viva La Mañana, Televisa, with Gerardo Nieto and Lili Brillanti 04 19 06Another reason, in a subjective level that lead me to meet Ana Luisa , was the similarity of her experiences that occurred to both of us in different time and places. About this, there is an apparent gap since there is not a pattern or reference for metaphysical or supraverbal experiences. However, there is a connection based on empathy that recognize on the other person a validation to be claimed on an intuitive level. Here you have to interpret correctly your experience and can be share only through a sincere dialog. Our similarities were based on chronological events, subtle experiences and reception of information during expanded state of consciousness. During our long conversations Ana Luisa felt the need to reveal me unexpected information. This only happened when I mentioned a couple of times a specific word without knowing that will be a signal she was waiting for. According to her the source of information was a third person who confirmed Ana Luisa that I will meet her in Mexico; among other things. One of them was the imminent series of events that will undermine the credibility of several UFO investigators in Mexico. We shall see.

Finally I can say that my arrival to Mexico was on Passover Thursday 13 of April. A significant date for Ana Luisa .It was the ninth anniversary of her first UFO sighting that occurred at 9 p.m. Curiously enough if we review some contactee cases we will find out that most of them started around that time.


1.-Synchronicity: Term coined by Psychiatrist Carl G.Jung about facts with significant coincidences, with persistent acausal characteristics.These facts are beyond any statistical test.
2.-Experiencer: Term coined by Dr. John E. Mack Phd. (1929-2004)
3- Vallee, J. cited on Ufo’s and the Alien Presence-Six viewpoints-the 2020 Group 1991.

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