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An Incredible Experience

"I have come to feel this phenomenon is a very complex engagement of a larger intelligence (Source is the word most often used) through perhaps intermediaries (the aliens) towards some apparent end, which is the evolution of conciousness and the preservation of the planet"

John E. Mack

The first time to give lectures in Costa Rica based on my researches was in early December of 2005. The invitation from Alexis Astua, a Costa Rican in his 30s, graphic design specialist and compiler of UFO information who had contacted me after reading my research on the subject, had been too enticing to refuse. During that first visit, I also met Richard Sandí, electronics technician, and with an equal fascination with the UFO phenomena. Richard quizzed me constantly regarding my experiences and wanting my points of view about this topic, a topic where, unfortunately, misinformation and misunderstanding abound.

Just before leaving Costa Rica, Alexis and his wife Carla suggested we go to the must-see for every tourist, Volcano Irazú, located within an hour’s drive of the capital of San Jose. After leaving the car in the parking lot and hiking our way up to the huge crater, a young man named Olman, whom I had met at one of my lectures, asked to join us. The bright cloudless day made the view spectacular and several other people were enjoying it as well on that beautiful Sunday. Olman was telling jokes about extraterrestrials and we all laughed, congratulating him on his sharp wit. Suddenly, he insisted on taking a photograph, as he quipped, “The ETs might be nearby never know”. At first I thought it was the start of another joke, but the look of seriousness on his face convinced me otherwise. I took a picture and to the amazement of us all, a tiny object appeared in the background of the photo. “What could it be?”, I asked myself. It appeared like it might have been a speck of dust on the lens (see photo 1) but a closer look at the image revealed the camera had captured “something” in the sky.

Since I was leaving Costa Rica the next day, and didn’t have time to conduct a detailed analysis of the “something”, when I returned to Atlanta, Georgia, I e-mailed a copy of the photo to my friend, Ana Luisa Cid, a well known Mexican UFO investigator. She concluded that the object was indeed real, not any speck of dust or anything that would suggest that the photo had been manipulated. Both Alexis and Richard commented that it seems ETs have sense of humor too! (photo 2). What I didn’t realize at the time was that this incident would be the start of a series of synchronicities and strange events for what was to occur in the very near future.

ET’s Basic Interaction

Two days later, Alexis sent me an e-mail with a photo taken by Richard, showing a UFO hovering over the crater. Richard’s photo was taken within only a few minutes of mine. He took his while he was walking towards the crater to join us because he and his family arrived late to the meeting point (photo3).

Richard had attended a private presentation a week before my public conference that I had given to a local UFO group. I noticed that he was very interested in the phenomena, asking me many questions. Interestingly, our views were quite similar with regards to the perspective that one needs to have when dealing with this newly discovered reality. A week later, there was a wave of UFO sightings over the city of San Jose .These sightings were seen by thousands of people during peak hours in the downtown area, and the local media gave extensive coverage to them. As to be expected, there were the usual mixed reactions, from the denials that it couldn’t be UFOs (“…because they don’t exist.”), to the skeptics who said, “maybe”, to confirmation by the believers, “See I told you so.”

In the middle of January a second UFO wave occurred, this time all over Costa Rica. Again, the media covered the events with good videos, and even a rare photograph taken with a cell phone showing the profile of an extraterrestrial (photo3). On January the 13th Richard took a shot of a shinny UFO flying parallel to him while he was driving his car on the way to his job (photo 4). With this encounter, Richard began to receive strong impulses to take photographs up in the sky without seeing anything to photograph. The result was shocking: his digital camera caught disc shape objects invisible to the naked eye. As soon I received his photos by e-mail, I told Richard to send some of his pictures to Ana Luisa Cid for her analysis. According to Ana Luisa, the objects undoubtedly have a defined shape and a field of energy around them. I had no idea what was going on with Richard and the impulses or why he became the person called on to take photos of unseen UFOs. Communications between the three of us became more frequent and the ideas and assumptions going through our minds in search of answers turned into constant brainstorming. This ongoing situation led us into a collective experience when Richard had two unusual encounters with strangers.

The encounter with Pedro

Here I have to tell the reader that this is a best-of-my-knowledge summary of what took place and the whole account is in Spanish and can be read on According to what Richard relates, the first encounter happened on January 24th of 2006 at his college’s parking lot when he asked a man in his early fifties if he would watch his car while he attended class. The man agreed to. As Richard was heading for his class, the man abruptly asked him, “Why do you believe in UFOs and extraterrestrials?” Taken aback by the question, Richard turned back to the inquirer, trying to control himself, wanting to know why such a question. Pedro, the name given when he introduced himself, started to ask Richard about life in the universe, what is our purpose in life? What is God? Does he, Richard, consider himself special? Pedro smoothly took control of the situation, guiding the conversation and telling Richard, “You must be cautious about the information you read or hear about UFOs. The mind is like a transmitting antenna; it sends messages… and they listen to you”. When an overwhelmed Richard was finally heading for his class, Pedro suggested recording UFOs on videos!

The following day, still with the thoughts of the encounter with Pedro whirling in his mind, Richard wanted to find out more about this intriguing man, his penetrating questions, and went back to the college to look for Pedro. Pedro was not to be found and no one had heard of any man called Pedro. As can be imagined, Richard’s mind was filled with so many questions left unanswered. Who was Pedro? Why was Pedro not in the parking lot? Why did no one know him? How did he know about Richard’s experiences with UFOs?

The encounter with two fishermen

A week and a half later, Richard’s job took him to the port town of Quepos. It was night and the hotel where he was staying was near the beach. Having finished the job he had come to do, and now relaxed, Richard decided to take a stroll on the beach. He sat down on a log washed up on the sand to gaze at the millions of stars glimmering above in the dark sky. Hearing footsteps behind him, Richard turned to see who it was. A young man approached saying “Don’t worry I just want to join you. My name is Manuel. I am a fisherman from around here”. As the two were engaging in light conversation, another man in his mid twenties with an athletic physique walked up and asked to join as well. At this point, Richard now became concerned about his safety. Detecting the Richard’s nervousness, the two strangers hastily calmed him down by explaining that there was no cause for fear that they only want to chat about certain things. The conversation then took on philosophical tone: concepts about the purpose of life, God, the possibility of life in the universe, just as had happened only few days before with Pedro in the college parking lot. The second man, black, tall, remained in silence during the conversation. Intriguing to Richard was the fact that both men were wearing sun glasses, even though it was night, but nonetheless he somehow felt relaxed. Manuel, the younger mentioned that the Incas and Mayans left prophecies and that, in a remote past, both cultures used to have a direct connection with extraterrestrials, and that man today holds erroneous concepts about the creation, life and God. Towards the end of the session, the conversation turned more interesting when Manual seriously asked Richard, “What would be your reaction if a UFO lands and the ETs invite you to come aboard? Would you be frightened?” After a few moments to collect his thoughts, Richard answered that, in order not to miss such an extraordinary experience, he thought he would be able overcome the wildly flying emotions of the moment and accept the invitation. It is my opinion that Richard’s answer was also a result of all the new experiences he has gone through since that day in early December 2005.

After a cordial farewell, the mysterious fishermen departed, as if they had been friends of Richard of long standing. Richard never saw them again.

The Day-After Effect

Alexis sent me an e-mail as soon as he knew about Richard’s beach experience. Soon, the three of us exchanged e-mails and telephone conversations. Since I have much more UFO related experiences than either of them, both Alexis and Richard assumed I should know the significance of these mysterious encounters with strangers. Much to their disappointment, I could only tell them that I was clueless and powerless for a coherent explanation. I have only my own experiences, concepts and references points; however, I remain firm in the belief that “it should that way”. Richard’s experiences are completely different from mine.

In less than a month, Richard was confronted with two impacting encounters with “messengers”, who were, in fact interviewing and testing, not his race, social status or religion, but the profoundness of his insight on such transcendental matters. It was indeed quite an encounter for my friend that led him into what is known as the “day-after-effect”. This effect is when a person, having gone through an extraordinarily emotional experience and needing to interpret the meaning of it, is forced to incorporate a new reality into the structure of his old one. This may take a considerable effort and it is by no means easy. The process can be time consuming and psychologically upsetting for the individual who has lived it.

Admittedly, I was concerned by Richard’s reaction and wondered how he was going to handle it. The opportunity given through him, to us, turned out to be a fresh start for us all. Also, it was an opportunity, as we all found out afterwards, to have a basic interaction with superior intelligences. Later on, I found out that there were some similarities with the well known Costa Rican contactee, Enrique Castillo Rincón, and other lesser known contactees, such as the unusual case of Clodoaldo Roldan, a Peruvian contactee during the late nineteen eighties.

The Confirmation

Of one thing I am absolutely convinced is that “We are not the ones in control of the experiences”. With the passing of time, Alexis and I helped Richard during some difficult moments. In other words, we became his “support system”. We also decided to keep these experiences known only to ourselves. During all of this and for some reason, my mind recalled a conversation I had had with the late John E. Mack M.D.(1926-2004) when he was the Director of P.E.E.R. (Program for Extraordinary Experience Research), an institute established for the purpose of providing helpful guidelines, using careful observation and open dialog, for people involved in anomalous experiences that challenges contemporary academic knowledge. That conversation with Dr. Mack allowed me to recognize the importance of a sincere dialog instead of a mere conversation, which does not enable the outsider to know what was really going on in the experimenter’s mind.

It was in September of 2006 that we started to talk about a confirmation of the “they to us” communications. When I say confirmation, what I mean is the respectful asking for a UFO sighting on a specific day, time and place, in order to have a concrete objective experience that confirms that all the previous events (not written in detail in this article) starting in December 2005 on top of Volcano Irazú.

Finally after several communications, the last week of November was chosen as the best time for all us to get together, as I would be on my third visit to Costa Rica in less than a year, coming to give a talk titled, Are the End of Times Upon Us? This talk was based on my research of biblical prophecies and extraterrestrial predictions relative to current global affairs. Once again in this exuberant little country, I felt it was a special moment for me to get together again with Alexis and Richard. As soon as I finished with media presentations, lectures, and private meetings, the three of us decided to go back to the Volcano Irazu on December 1st, coincidentally almost a year to the day since our first photographic session.

Following Pedro’s suggestion, Richard had bought a digital video camera and was prepared for videoing whatever might come our way. Alexis did the same, taking with him his own video camera as well. I was the only one without photographic equipment. On that designated day, we headed for our skywatch spot on Volcano Irazú, excited about the prospects of recording a UFO. We had assumed that if “they” were following our actions during all this collective experience, “they” will be willing to oblige with a sighting. We strongly believed in that assumption, for that had now become our mindset. It became our purpose and intent, and we agreed to share whatever happened with all who would listen.

Once we arrived to the chosen place at the volcano, I decided to lead us in a brief and respectful petition asking for a confirmation. Five minutes later “they” appeared! Awestruck, we watched the intense light slowly move and then hover in the distance. Words fall short in describing the emotion we three felt as the cameras were capturing the scene. Now thoroughly convinced that our petition was granted, we drove down from the mountain, enthusiastic as never before. Watch the video clips from our UFO sighting of December 1st, 2006 -and others as well- and judge for yourself.

Renato Longato


Footage taken by Alexis Astua, cut of the original one with 40 mins long (1 December 2006) Courtesy of


Amazing lighted objetc taken by Richard S. 23th of December 2006. Courtesy of


Footage taken by Richard S. the 22nd December 2006. Courtesy of


Cut of the original footage by Richard S. taken December 22nd at night, you can see the ufo passing over the star. Courtesy of